100 poetic cards written by 100 poets

New Year's card game : 百人一首 1-10


秋の田の かりほの庵の 苫をあらみ

わが衣手は 露にぬれつつ

It is autumn now. 

The temporary shed built by the ridge of the rice field. 

Since the thatch was coarse,

my sleeve got wet to evening dew. 


composed by Emperor Tenchi


春過ぎて 夏来にけらし 白妙の 

衣干すてふ 天の香具山

Spring has passed unawares. 

And seemingly, summer has come. 

If that is right, the white dress of God will be dried in Mt.AMANO-KAGU-YAMA now. 


composed by Emperor Jito


あしびきの 山鳥の尾の しだり尾の 

ながながし夜を ひとりかも寝む

The long tail of a mountain bird. 

At such a long night of autumn. 

I parted from the sweetheart and am sleeping alone. 


composed by Kakinomoto no Hitomaro


田子の浦に うち出でて見れば 白妙の

富士の高嶺に 雪は降りつつ

I came out to the TAGONO-URA seashore,and looked at scenery.

And the pure white lofty peak of Mt. Fuji was seen.It is just snowing and snowing there now. 


composed by Yamabe no Akahito


奥山に 紅葉踏み分け 鳴く鹿の

声聞く時ぞ 秋は悲しき

There is a deer in a very quiet mountain. 

Stepping on autumn leaves,

he thinks of a wife and he is crying. 

I heard the voice and also felt the sadness of autumn. 


composed by Sarumaru Dayu


鵲の 渡せる橋に 置く霜の

白きを見れば 夜ぞ更けにける

"The bridge of a magpie" which has seemingly been built over the Milky Way. If the pure white bridge with frost is seen, I will think that night advanced considerably. 


composed by Chunagon Yakamochi


天の原 ふりさけ見れば 春日なる

三笠の山に 出でし月かも

When I looked up at the sky, the beautiful moon had come out. 

I thought that this moon was the same as the moon out of which it had come to Mt.MIKASA-YAMA of the hometown. 


composed by Abe no Nakamaro


わが庵は 都の辰巳 しかぞ住む

世をうぢ山と 人はいふなり

My small home is located in the southeast of a capital. 

And I am living calmly. 

People of the capital think that there is my house in the distance since the world is troublesome for me. 


composed by Kisen Houshi


花の色は 移りにけりな いたづらに

わが身世にふる ながめせしまに

As for the beautiful cherry blossom, while the spring long rain was falling, the color of a flower has faded completely. 

While I also considered love and was meditating, my good looks has faded considerably. 


composed by Ono no Komachi


これやこの 行くも帰るも 別れては

知るも知らぬも あふ坂の関

Those who go, and those who return.

Those who know, and an unfamiliar person.

He parts from people and meets people.

This is the place, Osaka's Seki. 


composed by Semimaru