100 poetic cards written by 100 poets

New Year's card game : 百人一首 11-20


わたの原 八十島かけて 漕ぎ出でぬと

人には告げよ 海人の釣船

Many islands floating on the ocean. 

Toward the islands, fishermen rowed the fishing boat and left the harbor. 

I want only the sweetheart who lives in the capital to tell that. 


composed by Sangi no Takamura


天つ風 雲の通ひ路 吹きとぢよ

乙女の姿 しばしとどめむ

I said toward the wind blown on the sky. 

I want you to close the way of the clouds for the heavenly nymph who goes the ground back and forth a heavens top. 

Since I would like to look at the beautiful nymph who is dancing for a while. 


composed by Soujou Henjou


筑波嶺の 峰より落つる みなの川

恋ぞ積もりて 淵となりぬる

Much water of Minanokawa-river which falls from the peak of Mt.Tsukuba accumulates, and becomes an abyss. 

My love also began from some feelings at first, and became a deep feeling like a deep pool. 


composed by Youzei-in


陸奥の しのぶもぢずり たれゆえに

乱れそめにし われならなくに

Dyeing-with-vegetable-dyes textiles of Fukushima "Shinobu-zuri." It has the pattern in which the line was confused.

My love is also confused like Shinobu-zuri. Who has influenced, as for it? 

It is you. 


composed by Sawara no Sadaijin


君がため 春の野に出でて 若菜摘む

わが衣手に 雪は降りつつ

It is a spring field. 

I have gathered the young grass for giving you there. 

And snow has fallen on on my sleeve continually. 


composed by Emperor Koko


立ち別れ いなばの山の 峰に生ふる

まつとし聞かば 今帰り来む

I part from you and go to Inaba. 

The pine of the Inaba mountain is waiting for me.

If you are waiting for me, I would like to return immediately. 


composed by Chunagon Yukihira


ちはやぶる 神代も聞かず 竜田川

からくれなゐに 水くくるとは

The time of God when only the wonderful thing happened. 

Probably, this situation did not happen to that time. 

Now, Tatsutagawa-river is dyed beautiful red. 

It is visible to the elegant textiles dyed with autumnal-leaves dye. 


composed by Ariwara no Narihira ason


住の江の 岸に寄る波 よるさへや

夢の通ひ路 人目よくらむ

The wave of night which rolls in to the shore of Suminoe. 

Why do you avoid me from a morning to night? 

Why do you avoid me also in my dream? 


composed by Fujiwara no Toshiyuki ason


難波潟 短き蘆の ふしの間も

逢はでこの世を 過ぐしてよとや

The reed of the small bay in Naniwa has a short joint. 

Can't I meet you even for a short time like this joint? 

Do I have to live without meeting you all the time? 


composed by Ise


わびぬれば 今はたおなじ 難波なる

みをつくしても 逢はむとぞ思ふ

Namba of Osaka has the place of the meaning of “exhausting the body”. 

If the rumor gets about, I will be the same as having already exhausted my body. 

I would like to meet you, even if it ruins my body. 


composed by Imperial Prince Motoyoshi