100 poetic cards written by 100 poets

New Year's card game : 百人一首 21-30


今来むと いひしばかりに 長月の

有明の月を 待ち出でつるかな

You said to me, "I go to meet you immediately." 

I believed it and was waiting for you. 

But you do not come. 

I will wait for the moon out of which it will come at dawn in September. 


composed by Sosei Hoshi


吹くからに 秋の草木の しをるれば

むべ山風を あらしといふらむ

The wind blown from a mountain withers plants immediately. 

Indeed, I understood becoming the character "storm" combining a "mountain" and a "wind" of a Chinese character. 


composed by Funya no Yasuhide


月見れば ちぢにものこそ 悲しけれ

わが身ひとつの 秋にはあらねど

If the moon of autumn is seen,I will become very sad.

It will be why?  I do not understand it. 

Furthermore, in autumn, it is not a season only for me. 


composed by Ooe no Chisato


このたびは 幣も取りあへず 手向山

紅葉の錦 神のまにまに

Since I had to take this trip in a hurry, I was not able to prepare the fresh hemp for offering God. 

Since I offer the fresh and beautiful autumnal leaves of Mt.Tamukeyama instead of a hemp to God, please accept to it. 


composed by Kanke


名にし負はば 逢う坂山の さねかずら

人に知られで 来るよしもがな

The name of the plant "Kadsura japonica of Osaka Mountain" includes the meaning of "being together with a sweetheart." 

I would like to go to meet you, without being known by people so that "Kadsura japonica" may be hauled in calmly. 


composed by Sanjo no Udaijin


小倉山 峰の紅葉葉 心あらば

いまひとたびの みゆき待たなむ

I said to the autumnal leaves of Mt. Ogura-yama. 

"Does my voice reach you? I want you to wait until an emperor comes, without scattering the beautiful leaves here in a while." 


composed by Teishin kou


みかの原 わきて流るる いづみ川

いつ見きとてか 恋しかるらむ

The cold water of the spring in Mikanohara-plain overflows, and it becomes Izumigawa-river.

Like the water of the river, the time which cannot meet you also flows rapidly. 

Since I parted from you, how long time has passed? 

I am very lonely not to meet you. 


composed by Chunagon Kanesuke


山里は 冬ぞ寂しさ まさりける

人目も草も かれぬと思へば

The mountain village of winter gives me a very cold impression with the deep silence covered in snow. 

Because, nobody will visit there and plants will also wither in it. 


composed by Minamoto no Muneyuki ason


心あてに 折らばや折らむ 初霜の

置きまどはせる 白菊の花

The flower of a white chrysanthemum and the whiteness of the first frost of the season cannot be distinguished. 

By guesswork, I will bend the flower of a white chrysanthemum. 


composed by Ooshi kouchi no Mitsune


有明の つれなく見えし 別れより

暁ばかり 憂きものはなし

The moon out of which it has come at the time which parts from a lover. 

It is a cold moon of dawn. 

Since I parted from you heartlessly like a cold moon, I am extremely sad whenever dawn comes. 


composed by Mibu no Tadamine