100 poetic cards written by 100 poets

New Year's card game : 百人一首 31-40


朝ぼらけ 有明の月と 見るまでに

吉野の里に 降れる白雪

When the day breaks slowly, the moon of dawn still remains in the sky. 

And snow that like a light of the moon is pouring is also falling. 

The white snow which falls calmly has piled up on the village of Yoshino. 


composed by Sakanoue no Korenori


山川に 風のかけたる しがらみは

流れもあへぬ 紅葉なりけり

There is a beautiful red fence which crosses the river in the mountain. 

Did the fairy of the wind make the fence? 

As a matter of fact, it was the autumnal leaves which have stopped without flowing.


composed by Harumichi no Tsuraki


ひさかたの 光のどけき 春の日に

しづ心なく 花の散るらむ

The peaceful spring day when mild sunlight is illuminating the ground. 

However, the flowers of the cherry tree which seems to be restless get it scattered. 


composed by Ki no Tomonori


誰をかも 知る人にせむ 高砂の

松も昔の 友ならなくに

I am an old man completely. Now, I don’t have a friend who can trust it. 

Even the pine of Takasago is not my friend from ancient times. 


composed by Fujiwara no Okikaze


人はいさ 心も知らず ふるさとは

花ぞ昔の 香に匂ひける

People's mind is changeable. 

Therefore, I don’t understand the romantic feeling to me of you now. 

However, only the flowers of the plum of a hometown have a nostalgic scent which does not change from that time. 


composed by Ki no Tsurayuki


夏の夜は まだ宵ながら 明けぬるを

雲のいずこに 月宿るらむ

A certain night of summer. 

I thought that the time was still an early hours of the evening. Then, the day has broken soon. 

At what hotel did the moon stay? 

Where is the place of the hotel in that cloud? 


composed by Kiyohara no Fukayabu


白露に 風の吹きしく 秋の野は

つらぬきとめぬ 玉ぞ散りける

The white dew on the grass of a field will break up, if autumn breeze blows. 

As for it, the beautiful jewelry from which the string separated seems to get it scattered. 


composed by Funya no Asayasu


忘らるる 身をば思はず 誓ひてし

人の命の 惜しくもあるかな

I don’t think it sad that you forget me. 

But it is very sad for me that you who promised the future die. 


composed by Ukon


浅茅生の 小野の篠原 忍ぶれど

あまりてなどか 人の恋しき

The cogon grasses with low length has grown in Shinohara of Ono. 

Like the cogon grass, I have suppressed desire to meet you for a long time. 

But I would like to meet darling you very much. 


composed by Sangi Hitoshi


忍ぶれど 色に出でにけり わが恋は

ものや思ふと 人の問ふまで

I have hidden the love to you so that it may be known by nobody. 

But seemingly, the love has appeared in my expression. 

Since people say, "Are you in love with someone?" 


composed by Taira no Kanamori