100 poetic cards written by 100 poets

New Year's card game : 百人一首 41-50


恋すてふ わが名はまだき 立ちにけり

人知れずこそ 思ひそめしか

The rumor that I made love someone got about in the capital. 

The love has been just begun only in my heart so that it may be known by nobody. 


composed by Mibu no Tadami


契りきな かたみに袖を しぼりつつ

末の松山 波越さじとは

I must have promised as you firmly. 

You said extracting the sleeve wet for the tear of each other. 

"As the sea wave never exceeds Sue-no-Matsuyama and this ground does not change to the sea, I do not change the love to you all the time." 

You must have said so to me. But...


composed by Kiyohara no Motosuke


逢ひ見ての のちの心に くらぶれば

昔はものを 思はざりけり

I actually met you, and made love into you. Then I had a still more painful feeling. 

Therefore, now, I have noticed that my feeling before meeting you was not so painful a feeling. 


composed by Gon chunagon Atsutada


逢ふことの 絶えてしなくは なかなかに

人をも身をも 恨みざらまし

If I did not meet you, I did not blame you and did not regard me as pitiful. 


composed by Chunagon Asatada


あはれとも いふべき人は 思ほえで

身のいたずらに なりぬべきかな

Since I was rejected by you, nobody already regards me as pitiful. 

I will die in vain as it is. 


composed by Kentoku kou


由良の門を 渡る舟人 かぢを絶え

ゆくへも知らぬ 恋のみちかな

The captain of Seto in Yura lost steering oar and a destination was not clear anymore. 

My love also had a destination lost. 


composed by Sone no Yoshitada


八重むぐら 茂れる宿の 寂しきに

人こそ見えね 秋は来にけり

There is a house where the vine grew luxuriantly. 

Nobody visits at such a lonely place. 

However, autumn visited here. 


composed by Egyo Houshi


風をいたみ 岩打つ波の おのれのみ

くだけてものを 思ふころかな

The wave which collides on a rock strongly by an intense wind. 

My heart also breaks so that the wave may break into pieces itself. 

I worry about it all the time these days. 


composed by Minamoto no Shigeyuki


御垣守 衛士のたく火の 夜は燃え

昼は消えつつ ものをこそ思へ

The fire burned by the guard of a court is burning at night, and is off in the daytime. 

My love also blazes up at night and just sinks in the daytime. 


composed by Oonakatomi no Yoshinobu


君がため 惜しからざりし 命さへ

長くもがなと 思ひけるかな

Once, when I was carrying out for you, I thought that I could die. 

However, since I lived with you, I have thought that I would like to live together as long as possible now. 


composed by Fujiwara no Yoshitaka