100 poetic cards written by 100 poets

New Year's card game : 百人一首 51-60


かくとだに えやは伊吹の さしも草

さしも知らじな 燃ゆる思ひを

My heart is burning with the love to you. However, I cannot say that I love you. 

About this love of mine, you know nothing like the mugwort of Mt.Ibuki-yama. 


composed by Fujiwara no Sanekata ason


明けぬれば 暮るるものとは 知りながら

なほ恨めしき 朝ぼらけかな

I know that twilight will come soon, if the day breaks. 

If the next night comes, I know that you can be met again. 

However, if I think that I have to part from you temporarily, I will blame dawn. 


composed by Fujiwara no Michinobu ason


嘆きつつ ひとり寝る 夜の明くる間は

いかに久しき ものとかは知る

When I am sad about your not coming here all the time, the day has broken soon. I feel for very long time the night which goes to sleep alone. 

Do you understand that?

Probably you do not understand that. 


composed by Udausho Michitsuna no haha


忘れじの ゆく末までは かたければ

今日を限りの 命ともがな

Although you say that you do not forget me, I do not know whether that continues till the future. 

While you say so to me now, I would like to have died with the present fortunate feeling. 


composed by Gidousanshi no haha


滝の音は 絶えて久しく なりぬれど

名こそ流れて なほ聞こえけれ

Fairly long time has passed since the water of this waterfall withered. 

However, the reputation of a beautiful sound of the waterfall is still known by people. 


composed by Dainagon Kintou


あらざらむ この世のほかの 思ひ出に

いまひとたびの 逢ふこともがな

I will die of illness soon. 

I would like to meet you once again as recollections. 


composed by Izumi shikibu


めぐり逢ひて 見しやそれとも 

分かぬ間に 雲隠れにし 夜半の月影

Did the moon appear now for a moment?  The moon of the midnight which disappeared before being able to check even it. 

Like it, You have gone home in the twinkling of an eye. 


composed by Murasaki shikibu


有馬山 猪名の笹原 風吹けば

いでそよ人を 忘れやはする

If a wind blows on Sasahara of Ina near the Mt.Arima-yama, there will be sound softly.

I cannot forget you like such a comfortable sound. 


composed by Daini no sanmi


やすらはで 寝なましものを さ夜更けて

かたぶくまでの 月を見しかな

Probably, I was sleeping without hesitation, if I knew that you would not come. 

While I was waiting for you, night has advanced at last. And I was seeing the moon move west for a long time. 


composed by Akazome Emon


大江山 いく野の道の 遠ければ

まだふみも見ず 天の橋立

There is a way which passes through Mt.Oe-yama and the plain in Ikuno and goes to the beautiful sea from here.  

The distance is endlessly long. 

Therefore, I have not seen the beautiful sea in Amanohashidate. And the letter from the mother who is there has not arrived, either. 

However, I have transcended you. 


composed by Koshikibu no Naishi