100 poetic cards written by 100 poets

New Year's card game : 百人一首 61-70


いにしへの 奈良の都の 八重桜

けふ九重に 匂ひぬるかな

A long time ago, the beautiful double cherry blossoms were in the capital Nara. 

Now, still more beautiful and graceful cherry blossoms are proudly in bloom in Kyoto Palace of a new capital. 


composed by Ise no Taifu 


夜をこめて 鳥のそら音は はかるとも

よに逢坂の 関は許さじ

Before the day broke yet, you imitate the cry of a bird and tried to deceive the government official of the barrier. 

I will never allow you to pass along the barrier between you and me, even if it does such a thing. 


composed by Sei shonagon


今はただ 思ひ絶えなむ とばかりを

人づてならで いふよしもがな

I will already give up the love to you now. Not hearsay but I would like to tell that directly to you.

I cannot be told that after all. 


composed by Sakyo no daifu Michimasa


朝ぼらけ 宇治の川霧 たえだえに

あらはれわたる 瀬々の網代木

When the day breaks slowly, the fog of Uji-gawa river clears up brokenly.

With progress of the time, the stakes for the fish catch of the rapids appear irregularly. 

It is very elegant that it is seen. 


composed by Gon chunagon Sadayori


恨みわび 干さぬ袖だに あるものを

恋に朽ちなむ 名こそ惜しけれ

Since you do not take to me, I will blame you. 

Getting wet severely for the my sad tear, my sleeves which never gets dry became tattering. 

I think that it is mortifying.

And I think it mortifying that my honor gets damaged by the rumor of this love. 


composed by Sagami


もろともに あはれと思え 山桜

花よりほかに 知る人もなし

I said to the wild cherry tree. 

"I feel you nostalgic. I also want you to feel me nostalgic. " 

"Since I live in such a mountain, only you are in understanding me now." 


composed by Saki no Daisojo Gyoson


春の夜の 夢ばかりなる 手枕に

かひなく立たむ 名こそをしけれ

It is slight time like a dream seen at spring night. 

Probably, you would like to carry out the arm pillow to me only for the short time.

If the rumor of your love gets about over such trifles, I will really regret that. 


composed by Suo no naishi 


心にも あらで憂き夜に 長らへば

恋しかるべき 夜半の月かな

I will remember this beautiful moon dearly, supposing I am able to live long in this hard world. 


composed by Sanjo in


嵐吹く 三室の山の もみぢ葉は

竜田の川の 錦なりけり

It is the autumnal leaves of Mt. Mimuro-yama which a storm blows about by a strong wind. 

When the water surface of the Tatsutagawa-river is seen, there are colorful and splendid textiles woven with the autumnal leaves. 


composed by Noin Houshi


寂しさに 宿を立ち出でて ながむれば

いづくも同じ 秋の夕暮れ

Since I was a too much lonely feeling, I went out of my hut and looked around the neighborhood. 

Then, there was only a scene of the lonely twilight of autumn in my field of view. 


composed by Ryozen Houshi