100 poetic cards written by 100 poets

New Year's card game : 百人一首 71-80


夕されば 門田の稲葉 訪れて

蘆のまろ屋に 秋風ぞ吹く

If the evening comes, autumn breeze will visit the paddy field in front of the gate. Autumn breeze touches the ears of rice, and there is sound softly. 

And the autumn breeze comes to this thatch hut of mine. 


composed by Dainagon Tsunenobu


音に聞く 高師の浜の あだ波は

かけじや袖の ぬれもこそすれ

On Takashino-hama beach, even if a wind does not blow, a high wave comes in. I will make it my sleeve not get wet.  

According to the rumor, you are a famous playboy. 

If I do not take care about that, my sleeve may get wet for my tear. 


composed by Yushi Naisin nou ke no Kii


高砂の 尾の上の桜 咲きにけり

外山のかすみ 立たずもあらなむ

Beautiful cherry blossoms are visible to the peak of a long distance mountain. 

I said to the haze of the mountain near a village. 

"If you stand up, elegant flowers will disappear, so please do not stand." 


composed by Saki no chunagon Masafusa


憂かりける 人を初瀬の 山おろしよ

激しかれとは 祈らぬものを

I prayed to the Hase Kannon bodhisattva.

"I have a heartless man. I want him to love me." 

However, my love to you is hard intense love like the strong wind of the mountain in Hase. 

It is not having prayed. 


composed by Minamoto no Toshiyori ason


契りおきし させもが露を 命にて

あはれ今年の 秋もいぬめり

It is the dew on the mugwort leaf which influences my life. That you promised me resembles the dew. 

I trusted you and have lived. 

However, the promise is not achieved and this autumn will pass away in vain also. 


composed by Fujiwara no Mototoshi


わたの原 漕ぎ出でて見れば ひさかたの

雲居にまがふ 沖つ白波

I rowed the ship, went to the offing and overlooked the ocean. 

The surface of the ocean was beautiful whitecaps like a sea of clouds. 


composed by Hoshoji Nyudo Saki no kanpaku Dajo daijin


瀬をはやみ 岩にせかるる 滝川の

われても末に 逢はむとぞ思ふ

If the water of a river collides with the rock of rapids, water will once be divided in the two directions and will return to one after that. 

Like the water of rapids,

even if I once part from you, I would like to become lovers once again. 


composed by Sutoku in


淡路島 通ふ千鳥の 鳴く声に

いく夜寝覚めぬ 須磨の関守

When the plovers cross the sea from Awaji-shima Island and it comes here, the plovers cry sadly. 

Probably, for the cry, the guard of Suma-no-Seki woke up many times at the night. 


composed by Minamoto no Kanemasa


秋風に たなびく雲の たえ間より

漏れ出づる月の 影のさやけさ

In the sky which autumn breeze is blowing, the clouds are moving leisurely. 

The moonbeams come out from the clouds' interval. 

It is very clear and beautiful moonlight.


composed by Sakyo no daibu Akisuke


ながからむ 心も知らず 黒髪の

乱れてけさは ものをこそ思へ

I do not know whether your heart changes forever. 

After parting from you this morning, my black hair is disheveled. 

My heart is also confused now like my hair, and I am being depressed. 


composed by Taikenmon in no Horikawa