100 poetic cards written by 100 poets

New Year's card game : 百人一首 91-100


きりぎりす 鳴くや霜夜の さむしろに

衣かたしき ひとりかも寝む

The cricket is singing sadly on the cold straw mat with frost. 

I will go to sleep alone only on my one sleeve there. 


composed by Gokyogoku sessho saki no Daijo daijin


わが袖は 潮干に見えぬ 沖の石の

人こそ知らね かわく間もなし

It is a stone in the sea which cannot be seen even the time of ebb tide. 

Although nobody knows, my sleeve never gets dry for my tears of tragic love. 


composed by Nijo in no Sanuki


世の中は 常にもがもな 渚漕ぐ

海人の小舟の 綱手かなしも

A fisherman drags a boat with a rope on a sand beach, and he pulls an oar and goes away to the sea. 

The situation is peaceful and very elegant.

I want this peaceful time to continue forever. 


composed by Kamakura no udaijin


み吉野の 山の秋風 さよ更けて

ふるさと寒く 衣打つなり

Autumn breeze is blowing on late at night from the Yoshino mountain to the ancient city. It seems to be lonely to be very cold there.

And the sound of the hand beetling which strikes clothes from the houses can be heard. 


composed by Sangi Masatsune


おほけなく 憂き世の民に おほふかな

わが立つ杣に すみ染の袖

I have a grand dream now. 

As for it, I would like to cover people living in the hard world by my black sleeves. 

Since I began to live in Mt. Hieizan, I have wanted to cover a world by the power of the Buddha and to save people. 


composed by Saki no Daishojo Jien


花さそふ 嵐の庭の 雪ならで

ふりゆくものは わが身なりけり

The storm took the hands with cherry blossoms and changed to the figure of cherry-blossoms snowstorm in this yard.

Like the cherry tree, my body also became thin and grew old. 


composed by Nyudo saki no Daijo daijin


来ぬ人を 松帆の浦の 夕なぎに

焼くや藻塩の 身もこがれつつ

Burning seaweed, salt is made on the beach of the evening calm in Matsuhono-ura.

My heart is also burning with the love to you.However I may wait for you, you do not come. 


composed by Gon chu-nagon Sadaie


風そよぐ 楢の小川の 夕暮は

御禊ぞ夏の しるしなりける

The wind of autumn in Nara is blowing on the leaf of the Japanese oak softly in the brook of twilight. 

Now, only the purification ceremony in lunar-calendar June is a mark which tells that it is summer. 


composed by Junii Ietaka


人も愛し 人も恨めし あじきなく

世を思ふゆゑに もの思ふ身は

People love someone or blame someone. 

In this world, I cannot live so that I may like to live. 

Therefore, I will worry about being various. 


composed by Gotoba in


百敷や 古き軒端の しのぶにも

なほ余りある 昔なりけり

If leaves of Lepisorus which has grown in the old eaves of the Imperial Court is seen, I will be reminded of the childhood age. 

It was a good time at that time truly. 

I would like to return at that time. 


composed by Juntoku in