A great dumpling "SHORO-MANJU"


"SHORO-MANJU" is steamed filled dumplings of Saga which wrapped smooth sweet beans in sponge cake. 


It is wonderful sweets of Japan with the exquisite sweetness which is not too sweet.

SHORO-MANJU is one of the most delicious elegant Japanese sweets. 


KEIHAN of Amami  奄美の鶏飯

KEIHAN of Amami is a local dish which has chicken, a thin omelette, and local vegetables (shiitake mushroom, a papaya, okra, etc.) on hot boiled rice. It is eaten covering delicious chicken soup. 


KEIHAN of Amami has very beautiful colors and the best soup which shines glitteringly. 


This dish will give you great energy, if you are tired with a trip in Amami Oshima. The beautiful sea and this dish are the precious articles of Amami.