The make-up brush of Hiroshima


By the time the one make-up brush which a Hollywood actress and a Kabuki actor use by preference is born, it will have passed through the process of 50. 


The thorough posture which also allows craftsmen's craftsmanship no compromise is the tradition skill with which nobody can do imitation. 


And the make-up brushes charm the women in the world now. 


The OKONOMIYAKI of Hiroshima


The OKONOMIYAKI of Hiroshima is Japanese pancake which piled up foods (dough, a cabbage, an egg, noodles, etc.) like a layer. The method of the cooking differs from OKONOMIYAKI of Tokyo or Osaka. 


And it is also the wonderful gastronomic culture supporting the postwar reconstruction of Hiroshima.


You can experience the delicious taste, being able to see this interesting cooking process at 1000 special restaurants in Hiroshima. 


↓↓↓ This is professional skill!