"KAWARA-SOBA of Yamaguchi" which burns tea-buckwheat noodles on a tile


"KAWARA-SOBA" is greentea-buckwheat noodles on the tile heated at about 300 degrees.


You can eat the buckwheat noodles together with an egg, beef, and original soba soup. 


A long time ago, the exciting recipe which the samurai was eating on the battlefield is a hint of "KAWARA-SOBA." 






Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography


Shoji Ueda is a photographer from Tottori. His photographs have exquisite balance for both "a simple and sharp transparent feeling" and "warmth of people." 


Many of his works in those days were announced as a photograph of an advertisement or a fashion. And they gave people in the world big impact. 


Even now, his technique is known by many photographers as a Ueda tone (UEDA-CHO). 

His art museum is located in Tottori where he was living. It is a wonderful building that you can feel the peculiar world in his photograph. You can see from here great Mt.Daisen (and the upside-down mountain reflected in the pond of an art museum). It is the most wonderful composition like his photograph. 


Shoji Ueda Museum of PhotographyAccess & MAP



Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography 植田正治写真美術館