Soba-sushi そば寿司


Soba-sushi is the thick-rolled sushi made from buckwheat noodles instead of rice. It is dipped in special broth and eaten. 


It is a wonderful Japanese-style dish eaten at a mouthful in sushi and buckwheat noodles.

You can enjoy this elegant buckwheat-noodles sushi at the Soba-restaurant "Tokyo-an" in Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi. 


↓↓↓"Tokyo-an" in Yamaguchi & MAP

The dishes using globefishes ふく料理

“Fuku-Kaiseki” is the dainty and refined Japanese dishes using a globefish. It is local culinary specialties of Yamaguchi. Since it was too delicious, it spread in Japanese various places. 


The word "Fuku" has the meaning a "globefish", and the meaning "it gives you happiness." 


The dishes using globefish (sliced raw fish of art, tempura, a deep-fried fish, one-pot dishes, risotto, etc.) are carefully cooked one dish at a time. Therefore, "Fuku-Kaiseki" is one of the highest-class Japanese-style dishes. 


When you eat Fuku-Kaiseki, you can drink "toasted globefish fins in hot sake." Such combination delights you most.