The Ryuzu-ga-taki waterfall in Izumo


The Ryuzu-ga-taki waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. It is in Izumo.


When you go there, you have to protect your body from a bear or a Japanese giant hornet. 


The waterfall will give you supreme comfort, when you overcome distress and go there. 




Oni no Shita Burui 鬼の舌震

"Oni no Shita Burui" is a wonderful ravine in Izumo.


There is "tragic tale of the shark which loved the beautiful princess" in this area. These strangely shaped rocks were placed so that a shark could not approach her. 


You will be charmed by the beauty and force when you visit this. You can enjoy the promenade walk for about 2 hours there. 




「鬼の舌震」は出雲の素晴らしい渓谷。この地域には「美しいお姫様に恋をした鮫の悲しい物語」がある。これらの奇岩は、鮫が彼女に接近できないように置かれた。ここを訪れる場合、あなたはその美しさと迫力に魅了されるだろう。あなたは、そこで2時間程度の遊歩道散策が楽しめる。 鬼の舌震(しまね観光ナビ