Kutani porcelain 九谷焼

Kutani porcelain is traditional handicrafts made in Ishikawa. It has very graceful and gorgeous vivid colors. 


Painting of the porcelain is drawn with the profound color which made the keynote 5 colors (red,yellow,green, ultramarine and purple). 


You are not tired even if you have looked at Kutani porcelain for a long time. It is so wonderful elegant porcelain. 


The Kagaya hotel in Wakuraonsen

和倉温泉 加賀屋

The Kagaya hotel (Japanese-style hotel) is located in Wakura-onsen,Ishikawa. It has the most wonderful hospitality in Japan. Therefore, customers there do not stop. 


Kagaya's manager thinks "just when someone makes a mistake, there is the hint which can provide new service."  There is much wonderful Japanese hospitality culture in the Kagaya hotel. 


If you travel Kanazawa, you will be able to relax supremely by staying at Kagaya. 




Kagaya 加賀屋 http://www.kagaya.co.jp/en/