Straw arts of Kinosaki  麦わら細工

"Straw arts of Kinosaki" is traditional handicrafts using the dyed straw of barley.


It has a smooth feel and graceful gloss like silk. 


The colorful toy and the elegant wooden box using the straw charm people. 

染色された麦わらを使った「城崎の麦わら細工」。 それは、絹のように滑らかな手触りと上品なつやがある。そのカラフルな玩具や風流な木箱が、人々を魅了する。

The evolving piece dyed fabric of Kyoto


A piece dyed fabric with a gorgeous, splendid, and minute pattern "Kyoto yuzen."


This technology has the dyeing technology of an overly minute pattern. It is used also for the clothes made from jersey, denim, etc. 


These evolved examples of traditional craftsmanship attract attention from all over the world now.