Kakinoha-sushi 柿の葉すし

"Kakinoha-sushi" is the sushi using mackerel, a salmon, a small sea bream, shiitake mushroom, etc. And it is wrapped in the leaf of the persimmon preserved in salt. This sushi is local culinary specialties of Nara and Wakayama. 


The leaf of a persimmon gives a wonderful smell and a natural bactericidal action to the sushi. Therefore, it is eaten also as lunch in the travel to Kansai. 


If you eat this delicious sushi, you will be moved by the very peaceful and happy taste. A sushi chef wants to tell you the feeling of happiness. 


Kuwaraku 柿の葉寿司 九和楽


Kyo-Uchiwa 京うちわ

Kyo-Uchiwa (Japanese-style fan of Kyoto) has a very graceful design. The root of it is the fan used in the royal palace once. 


Furthermore, Kyo-Uchiwa has "a fan seen and enjoyed" besides the fan for making a wind. The cool design is very elegant. You can enjoy not only a colorful fan but "the wonderful shadow of a fan." 


In this summer, if you decorate the Kyo-Uchiwa in your room, you will be able to feel it cool. 


Kyo-Uchiwa Aiba


Kyo-Uchiwa Aiba 京うちわ 阿以波