Cloisonne ware of Japan


Cloisonne ware is made from metal and glass.

In Japan, the craftsman's skill was lost under the influence of war.


After the war, new craftsmen have got the lost technique and a new technique by trial and error.





"Hitsumabushi" of Nagoya ひつまぶし

"Hitsumabushi" is the "bowl of rice topped with grilled eel" eaten in the Nagoya style.


It is eaten in four steps. If a bowl is set in the face of you, you will divide into four with a flat wooden spoon. 

1st step, you eat 1/4 as it is. 2nd step, you carry spices (a Japanese horseradish, a Welsh onion, etc.) on an eel, and eat 1/4. 3rd step, you eat 1/4, pouring broth over it. 4th step, you eat by the most favorite method. 


In Nagoya, you can enjoy mealtime depending on this unique and elegant way of eating.