SARU-BOBO doll of Hida-Takayama


"SARU-BOBO" is a local doll of the Hida-Takayama.


Once upon a time, when the baby was born in the village, the grandma gave it to the baby as a toy of charm against misfortunes. 


These lovely "SARU-BOBO" dolls are still loved by everybody as a charm of exorcism, matchmaking, and an easy delivery. It is said that the effect is greatest. 


Snow-covered landscape of Gifu“Shirakawa-go”


The mountain village scenery of old Japan remains in "Shirakawa-go." 


One of the traditional wisdom is a thatch roof of a steep slope. Even if pressure is applied to a roof or a house under the weight of snow, power is distributed well, and it is built so that a house may not break. 


It is making fascinating and great scenery.