Country life & cycling of Hida


You can travel the nostalgic town and farm village in Hida by a bicycle together with a guide. 


The Japanese-style houses and furnitures which were built using native wood make you feel a very comfortable thing. 


Here, you can stay at the wonderful old private house and furniture which passed in 100 or more.


An ancient prince "YAMATOTAKERU"


Prince Yamatotakeru is the general who fought in ancient Japanese various places for the emperor. 


Since he was very strong, he defeated many battle. He was too strong. And the emperor did not dismiss him to a court for fear of him. 


He got tired out with a battle and died in Mie at the age of 30. Then, his soul was able to change to the figure of a swan and was able to return to the hometown at last. There is such a sad tradition. 


↓↓↓A still elegant place, Kameyama-shi, Mie