The rice ball with shrimp tempura


"TENMUSU" is a rice ball topped with deep-fried shrimp. 


It was born as the cookroom staff's dish at the Japanese restaurant in Mie. It became a popular menu of many restaurants and spread in the Nagoya area. 


This rice ball is smallish and lovely. And it is like a mini tempura bowl. The delicious smell of the broth charms people. 


Japanese serow ニホンカモシカ

You may meet a Japanese serow unexpectedly at the heart of the mountains in Japan. 


Their expression and behavior are very lovely. You will be a fortunate feeling if you can meet the Japanese serow of a mother and a child. 


If you ride on the ropeway of Mt.Gozaisho in Mie, you will be able to look for this cute Japanese serow. 


Gozaisho Ropeway