Red chili pepper oil of Ishigaki Island


"Red chili pepper oil of Ishigaki Island" is one of the most delicious red chili pepper oil in Japan. It is made only in "Penguin Shokudo of Ishigaki Island"


Great husband and wife make it using foods of Ishigaki Island. Therefore, it is so delicious. 

If you put it on hot boiled rice or chilled tofu, rice or tofu will change to a very delicious dish. 


↓↓↓The movie of the great husband and wife's story

Goddess of a bumper crop "MIRUKU"

五穀豊穣の女神 ミルク

"MIRUKU" is a goddess of the bumper crop of Okinawa. She has a very gentle smile.  


At the time of the festival of islands, she comes by a ship from the country of Gods across the sea. And she has brought inhabitants happiness. 


Dancing of the gratitude to MIRUKU is very graceful, and it is not only wonderful, but it gives us energy very much.