GOYA-CHANPURU ゴーヤーチャンプルー

GOYA-CHANPURU is stir-fried dishes of a bitter melon, pork, tofu, and an egg. It is local culinary specialties of Okinawa. 


You should eat this dish in Okinawa. Because, the bitter melon of Okinawa is not so bitter. And the tofu of Okinawa has peculiar texture. 


When you have a meal in Okinawa, you can enjoy the wonderful dishes different from the Japanese-style dishes eaten in Tokyo or Kyoto. 


The colorfully-dyed pattern of Okinawa

BINGATA 紅型(びんがた)

"BINGATA" is a traditional dyeing technique of Okinawa. It was used for the Ryukyu Dynasty age as the Royal Family's gorgeous clothes. 


BINGATA developed as culture completely different from Edo-dyed cloth or Kyoto yuzen. The climate of vivid and beautiful Okinawa is reflected in these peculiar colors and patterns. 


Even now at the marriage ceremony and coming-of-age ceremony in Okinawa, the pretty women who wore the court kimono of those days can be seen.