God of entertainments "AME-NO-UZUME"


"AME-NO-UZUME" is the oldest dancer in Japan. 


In ancient times, When solar God hid in the cave, this world was covered in darkness. At that time, "AME-NO-UZUME" danced fascinatingly for solar God. Then, in order to see the dancing of hers, solar God came out from the cave. As a result, this world returned to the bright.


And,  "AME-NO-UZUME" became God of entertainments. 

People who aspire after entertainments even now visit the shrine where she is deified. She has given people wonderful energy in the shrines. 


Yukata 浴衣

A yukata is the kimono made from thin cloth. If you wear it, you can move smoothly rather than an ordinary kimono.


They will become elegant behavior if people wear a yukata. And many people wear a yukata  in a hot spring resort or a summer festival. People have a Japanese fan(Uchiwa) in a hand and walk there. It is a very elegant scene.


If you wear a yukata in the summer festival and hot spring resort in Japan, you can enjoy yourself very much.