Agedashi-dofu 揚げ出し豆腐

Agedashi-dofu is deep-fried tofu with amber sauce. The important point is the delicious broth of a soy sauce base. 


Each home has various delicious tastes about the broth. Moreover, when the dish is eaten with grated radish, ginger, and mushrooms, it is still more delicious. 


Since you can make the dish easily, you can eat the wonderful tofu dish at your home. 


A Japanese glass windchime


The Japanese glass windchime has elegant pictures and sound. The windchime makes you cool from both vision and hearing. 


If summer comes, a windchime festival will be held in various parts of Japan. The windchimes in scenery (nature, temples and shrines, a Japanese-styled house, etc.) of Japan are the most graceful. 


You will be still cooler, if you wear a yukata and participate in this wonderful festival.