Katori-senko 蚊取り線香

Katori-senko is the incense stick devised in order to exterminate a mosquito in Japan. The incense stick is spiral so that it can use for a long time. 


Moreover, the vessel only for the incense stick is made in Japanese various places. The vessels are very elegant and wonderful. There are lovely vessels, such as a pig, a cat, and an owl, about the design. Furthermore, there are also ceramic vessels of a traditional graceful design. 


If you look for these great vessels in Japan this summer, you will be able to do a still more pleasant trip. 


Inari-sushi(Sushi pockets) いなり寿司

Inari-sushi (sushi pockets) is the sushi which packed boiled rice into sweet deep-fried tofu. 


This sushi has each recipe in Japanese various places. For example, it is what packs a Japanese horseradish, a carrot, or shiitake mushroom with boiled rice into deep-fried tofu. 


Inari-sushi spread in all parts of Japan as cheap and popular sushi. You can eat this simple and delicious sushi as a packaged station lunch. Moreover, it is often made as lovely lunch(Obento).