Toro-nagashi 灯篭流し

Toro-nagashi (a lantern festival in Japan) is a repose-of-souls event performed by floating many small lanterns on a river or the sea. It is held during the Bon Festival in summer.


The beautiful lights soften not only the dead's soul but our heart. 


If you travel to Japan during summer, you may be able to participate in this elegant and quiet lighting show. 




Kawaguchi-ko Lake

Eiheiji town 


Toro-nagashi in Arashiyama 嵐山灯篭流し

Miyazu Toro-nagashi & Fireworks festival 宮津燈籠流し花火大会

Toro-nagashi in Kawaguchi-ko Lake 河口湖灯籠流し

Great Toro-nagashi festival in Eiheiji town 永平寺大燈籠流し

Suikinkutsu in a Japanese garden


Sui-kin-kutsu is a music box by the waterdrop prepared in the Japanese garden. It is equipment made to generate sound, when waterdrop falls into a subterranean cave. 


The sound is very elegant and beautiful. From ancient times, Japanese people hear this sound, and relax from it. If this sound is heard in summer, you will feel it cool. 


If you visit the temples in Kyoto in summer, you will be able to look for this music box in the garden of a temple. And you could enjoy this sound.