Shizuka Gozen's dancing 静御前の舞

Shizuka Gozen is a wonderful dancer of the Heian period (about 900 years before). The abdicated emperor with a Buddhist order of those days said, "She is the No.1 dancer of Japan and is a great shrine maiden." 


However, since she loved the man who was the authority's enemy, she led the tragic whole life. 


Even now, you can see her graceful dancing which she danced in Kyoto or Kamakura as a traditional event in the temples and shrines. 


Tsuru-ga-oka Hachiman-gu

(Kamakura in April)


(Kyoto in May)


Tsuru-ga-oka Hachiman-gu 鶴岡八幡宮(4月)

Shin-sen-en 神泉苑(5月)

Kaza-guruma かざぐるま

Kaza-guruma is a small toy windmill made with Japanese paper (origami). It is decorated in the garden of the temples and shrines in a summer festival. 


Such scenery is very cool and elegant. The Japanese fan, the yukata, and the windmill of origami suit the festival of Japan very much. 


If you visit the country town in Japan this summer, you may be able to see this wonderful scenery.