Tanmen タンメン

Tanmen is Chinese-style noodles of Japan with salty vegetable stew soup. The soup differs from the soup of salt-flavored ramen. Cooking of the soup takes time and effort very much. 


About the soup, you stir-fry various vegetables (bean sprouts, a carrot, a Jew's-ear, a cabbage, an onion, etc.) and pork first. Next, you boil well with them and salty chicken-bones soup. Therefore, the soup has a deep taste. 


When you find the special restaurant of Tanmen in Japan, you are good to eat Gyoza (meat and vegetable dumplings) and Tanmen there. Since the special restaurant of Tanmen has wonderful vegetables especially, Gyoza of its restaurant is very delicious. 


Cho-ju-giga 鳥獣戯画

Cho-ju-giga (wildlife cartoon) is the oldest Manga in Japan. A rabbit, a frog, a monkey, etc. are personified in the Manga.


Cho-ju-giga were drawn about 900 years ago. When this Manga is seen, you understand "play and everyday life" of those days. And the tale has a satire of Buddhism society. 


You can enjoy these wonderful Manga in the National Museums of Tokyo or Kyoto. 


Kyoto National Museum

Tokyo National Museum 


Kyoto National Museum 京都国立博物館

Tokyo National Museum 東京国立博物館