Cold sake 冷酒

In Japan during summer, people often drink cold sake. In many cases, delicious cold sake is quality sake brewed from the finest rice by which it is not heat-treated. Therefore, there is a wonderful fresh smell in it. 


Moreover, when drinking cold sake, the bottle and sake cup only for cold sake are also very important. You will feel it very delicious, when you drink cold sake with a beautiful sake cup in a Japanese-style house. 


It is pleasant to taste the elegance. 


Japan Sake 


Japan Sake 日本酒

A Japanese pheasant ニホンキジ

A Japanese pheasant is a national bird in Japan.

A Japanese pheasant appears in ancient literature or a folktale well. Moreover, since the pheasant is very beautiful, it is often drawn in ukiyoe or a Japanese painting. 


Even now, a Japanese pheasant is a bird very familiar for a Japanese. Since especially a female pheasant brings up babies carefully, a female pheasant is also a motherly symbol in Japan. 


If you take a walk the hills and fields in Japan in spring, you can hear the loud voice of a Japanese pheasant. And if you look at that circumference thoroughly, you will surely be able to find this beautiful and graceful pheasant.