Matsutake cooked in an earthen teapot


Matsutake is one of the tastes of autumn in Japan. 

Matsutake has the best smell in a Japanese mushroom. 


The recipe of typical matsutake is "matsutake cooked in an earthen teapot." The matsutake dish has white fish and the vegetables of autumn. 


You will see the very beautiful colors of autumn, when you open the lid of the earthenware teapot. Then, you will be impressed by a very wonderful smell. And if you eat the soup, you will be able to understand "it is the most delicious soup in a Japanese-style dish." 



The old clay figure in Japan 土偶

The clay figure of the Neolithic era (Jomon period in Japan) is very lovely. It is said to be a figure of a spirit of a departed person, or an space alien's figure. 


It has a big eye, a heart-shaped face, or a horned owl face. The face has a very unique expression and softens your heart. 


Probably, they were very kind to the earth people, supposing they were space aliens.