Buddhist wedding in Japan 仏前結婚式

There is an instruction "a husband meets a wife again in the next world" in Buddhism. 


In a Buddhist wedding, a newly-married couple promises a Buddha "A husband meets a wife again in a next world." Then, they take an oath also to their ancestors. And they express gratitude to a Buddha about the "EN" (fate called husband and wife). 


The court music of Japan and the sutras in a Buddhist wedding are very elegant, and solemn. Supposing you participate in a Buddhist wedding, you will feel the very solemn Buddhism world. 


KAKIAGE (mixed vegetable tempura)


"KAKIAGE" is a kind of tempura. It is "the round tempura containing some colorful vegetables, fish and shellfishes." It is mostly put on buckwheat noodles, Japanese noodles, or hot boiled rice. 


KAKIAGE has the crunchy texture and wonderful tempura sauce. It is the charm of KAKIAGE. 


KAKIAGE is one of Yoshinobu Tokugawa's (the last Shogun in the Edo period) favorite foods. 


If you visit Tokyo, you will be able to find favorite KAKIAGE at a buckwheat-noodles restaurant or a tempura restaurant.