Tonyu shabu-shabu 豆乳しゃぶしゃぶ

Tonyu shabu-shabu(Soy milk shabu-shabu)is  the one-pot dishes with soy milk and broth. You can boil and eat vegetables, a pork slice, a fish, etc. in this beautiful white soup. 


This mild and milky soup is very delicious. After you enjoy these one-pot dishes, you are good to boil and eat ramen noodles or Japanese noodles with the white soup left behind in the pot. This noodles dish is still more delicious. 


When you eat the Tonyu shabu-shabu at the special restaurant of tofu dishes, you will surely be surprised at the wonderful delicious taste. We want you to enjoy it by all means. 



"OSECHI" is the New Year's dishes (congratulation dish) in Japan. It has black soybeans, a herring roe preserved in salt, small dried sardines, boiled fish paste, Kurikinton (the boiled chestnut in water and  sugar), roast fish, a vinegared dish, simmered dishes of vegetables, etc. 


OSECHI is colorful and very gorgeous. And these graceful foods are in the tiered lacquer ware boxes(or wooden boxes) . 


OSECHI is not only delicious, but gives you energy. 


If you see in the new year in Japan, you will be able to enjoy this wonderful Japanese-style dish.