Small cup when drinking the SAKE made with glass or pottery is a "OCHOKO." 

The bottle into which SAKE is put is "TOKKURI." 


A long time ago, SAKE was one of a few luxury goods which people can drink.


And the liquor shop of those days put into the beautiful bottle containing a shop name to serve also as advertisement of a shop, and sold SAKE by measure.People used the OCHOKO, in order to drink the SAKE little by little slowly. 

When drinking SAKE, you will be able to enjoy the much more delicious taste, if this elegant OCHOKO and TOKKURI are used. 


A Noh mask 能面

A Noh mask is a Japanese wooden mask used by Kagura court dance and music or a Noh play. 


The mask has a very realistic expression and the deformed expression in exquisite balance. This is a tradition craftsman's work. 


Furthermore, the player who performs on a Noh stage gives an expression lively to this mask.