The traditional event of Akita "namahage"

秋田の伝統行事 なまはげ

"Namahage" is a traditional event of Akita where the mountain gods confirm whether the children of the village are growing healthily.


The gods will scold the children and parents, if bad children are found. They are also gods who do the exorcism of people of a village. 


The magnificent new festival in which the 50 Gods participate was born this year. And we can feel the powerful power which the Tohoku district is reviving. 


Boiled rice bar of Akita "KIRITANPO"


"KIRITANPO" of Akita is the boiled rice bar which was crushed coarsely and burned. 


In Akita, it is burned by a charcoal fire and it is made hodgepodge with the foods (chickens, wild grass, mushrooms, etc.) of Akita. 


This recipe that the hunter of Akita devised is one of the most delicious Japanese one-pot dishes. You can enjoy this mellow and wonderful dish in the beautiful scenery of Akita. 


Michi no Eki KAZUNO 道の駅 かづの

Ryotei INAHO 料亭 稲穂