"IMO-NI one-pot dishes" of Yamagata


"IMO-NI" of Yamagata is hodgepodge one-pot dishes with taros, vegetables, beef, etc.


If autumn comes, many people will gather in a riverside, and will eat and enjoy it. They make it using a cauldron. 


This is an important event for many people meeting and promoting wonderful friendship. 


↓↓↓How to make "IMO-NI" 

↓↓↓There are a lot of local culinary specialties of Yamagata. 

Bean paste of Sendai 仙台味噌

"SENDAI-MISO" with 400 years of history is the dark-brown bean paste made from a soybean and rice. 


The secret of this delicious bean paste is having employed the natural power (a microbe, water, climate, etc.) of Sendai efficiently well. 


Now, this bean paste serves as a wonderful seasoning used not only for miso soup but for a pasta, sweets, steak sauce, etc. 


JOHSEN 仙台味噌醤油株式会社