The local toy of Fukushima "Akabeko"


"Akabeko" is a local toy of Fukushima with the carton-pierre doll of a red cow. 


If the head of the cow is touched with your finger, the head of the cow will shake cutely leisurely for a while. The situation makes people comfortable.  


Please touch the huge lovely "Akabeko" in front of Aizuwakamatsu Station in Fukushima, and feel a heart-warming feeling. 


Morohashi Museum of Modern Art


The Dali art museum is located at the foot in Bandai-san in Fukushima. 


In the inside which beautiful mountains have surrounded, a wonderful art museum like the old castle of the Europe tone is located. 


There are clean water, a beautiful green yard, and many of his wonderful works of art in the museum. 


The art museum has a peculiar charm different from the Dali art museum of Figueres or Port-Ligat. 


Morohashi Museum of Modern Art



Morohashi Museum of Modern Art 諸橋近代美術館