Ouchi-juku in Aizu 会津の大内宿

Ouchi-juku is the post town with the scenery which does not change for 300 years. The town is in the Aizu area in Fukushima. 


There is no town where the scenery of the post town in those days is kept perfect as this town. This town had severe rules (the size of a house, the structure of a house, width of a road, equipment of an irrigation canal, etc.) those days. And, it made this beautiful scene. 

You can experience the realistic Edo period world here. Moreover, you can eat delicious NEGI-SOBA (buckwheat noodles eaten using a Welsh onion instead of chopsticks). 


Area information (Ouchi-juku) 



Human shogi in Yamagata 人間将棋

Shogi is a traditional board game of Japan which carries out by two persons. The five-cornered wooden pieces used for the game have various posts (the king, a foot soldier, etc.) as a samurai, respectively. Operation of the piece is restricted by the post. 


About the victory or defeat of a game, if you get an enemy's king piece, you win in the game. Moreover, the pieces (pieces other than the king) of the enemy whom you got in the game can make a game enter again as your piece. That is interesting. 


A human shogi festival is held in Yamagata which is shogi pieces' producing district. In the festival, realistic samurais fight on a huge shogi board. It is very unique and elegant.