The lovely woman divers in Kuji


The woman divers in Kuji are the tradition fishermen by the northernmost free-diving in Japan. The traditional fish-catching method of them who get a sea urchin in the beautiful Kosode seashore has about 100 years of history. 


The circumference of a fishing port was destroyed by the tsunami of the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake(The Japan earthquake in 2011). However, now, the "Kosode Ama center" which is a base of their work was revitalized by their efforts. Furthermore, TV drama of these woman divers' life was also broadcast. 


If you take a trip to Kuji in Iwate, you will be able to meet these woman divers with their  lovely smiles. 


A Trip to Kuji in Iwate


A Trip to Kuji in Iwate 岩手・久慈への旅

↓↓↓The rooter's song to the woman diver of Kuji