The stringed instrument of Aomori "Tsugaru-jamisen"

青森の弦楽器 「津軽三味線」

The Tsugaru-jamisen having three strings. 


A player performs according to the song sung improvisatorially. 


This tone that combines vigor and the nostalgia has encouraged people. 




 ↓↓↓The power of a Tsugaru-jamisen is felt! 

The Dharma doll of a cobalt blue face


The "Matsukawa Dharma" of Sendai is a doll toy of a cobalt blue face and a meditation-in-Zen-Buddhism figure. 


Treasure ships or gods of good luck are drawn on the belly of the dolls. 


If you get this doll, a god of good luck will come to you by a treasure ship. And you will get a little happiness