Aizu's delicious ramen noodles

"Kitakata ramen" 喜多方ラーメン



The ramen noodles of Kitakata have "the noodles which is flat like fettuccine and has been frizzled." 


Since people come to this town repeatedly in order to eat these delicious ramen noodles, this town is called the "ramen-noodles kingdom" now. 

I want you to eat the "Kitakata ramen noodles" in this town where the wonderful ramen-noodles craftsman lives. 


A Japanese good-catch flag  大漁旗

A Japanese good-catch flag tells the family who is present in a port town from a fishing boat about having fished mostly. 


It is also the charm for which it prayed the bumper fish crop and the safe voyage. 


Now, the beautiful brave flag is used also the port festival of Japan which prays for Tohoku district revival.