The graceful horse festival of Morioka


"CHAGU-CHAGU-UMA-KO" is a festival of a prayer of a horse in good health in Iwate. 


With the bell sound of "CHAGU-CHAGU" ,the horses dressed up splendidly parade the village dignifiedly. 


By this very elegant sound and scene, people feel peacefulness and appreciate again the horse which has helped agricultural work. 


JAJAMEN of Morioka 盛岡じゃじゃめん

"MORIOKA-JAJAMEN" is local-culinary-specialties noodles of Morioka which mix and eat Japanese noodles, bean paste, a cucumber, vinegar, red chili pepper oil, a garlic, etc. 


The taste of the noodles is a taste which cannot be imagined from intense appearance.

It is delicious Japanese noodles which were very soft and felt refreshed. 

Furthermore, a fresh egg and the hot water used for boiling of noodles are put into the bowl after eating noodles.The egg soup is also very delicious. You can enjoy the taste fully, if this is eaten on the next day which drank sake.