The five-storied pagoda of the Honmon-ji


There is a heart-warming story in the five-storied pagoda of the IKEGAMI-HONMON-JI temple in Tokyo. 


When general Hidetada Tokugawa was 15 years old at the Edo period, he was critical condition with the illness. 

Then, his nurse visited this temple and prayed that he get well from the critical illness. And if he got well from illness, she swore to build a five-storied pagoda there. 


After a while, the general has got well from illness miraculously. However, since his nurse was financial difficulties then, she was not able to build it. And she worried about it. 

Hidetada who heard the rumor said to the nurse.

"I am appreciating HONMON-JI truly with you. if the rumor is true, I will build a five-storied pagoda. "

And the wonderful five-storied pagoda was built. 


Even now, people who pray for recovery of someone's illnesses visit this five-storied pagoda. 




Legend of the dragon in Enoshima


The dragon with the five heads lived around here 1500 years ago. Since the dragon was a rowdy, the dragon had made the villager only trouble. 


At a certain time, the beautiful goddess came and it said to the dragon. 

"If you are kind to villagers, I need to marry you." 


The dragon changed gently. And villagers appreciated the dragon. 


Soon, the dragon changed to the mountain in the position which faced each other for Enoshima. And even now, the dragon is watching people and the goddess of Enoshima. 


Legend of the dragon in Enoshima

Enoshima Travel Guide

1500年前、このあたりに五つの頭を持つ龍がいました。龍は、暴れん坊だったので、村人に迷惑ばかりかけてました。あるとき、美しい女神がやってきて、龍に言いました。「あなたが村人に優しくすれば、私はあなたと結婚しましょう。」と。龍は、優しく変わりました。そして、龍は、村人たちに感謝されました。やがて、龍は江の島の対岸にある山となりました。そして、今でも江の島の人々と女神を見守っています。 江の島の龍伝説 旅案内