Hokusai Katsushika 葛飾北斎

Hokusai Katsushika is a Japanese painter describing great Nature. He released the work of 30,000 or more points in his whole life. 


As for his delicate and dynamic style of painting, nobody can do imitation. Even now, his works (fascinating ukiyoe, the landscape with which it is full of a feeling of vitality, etc.) have given us wonderful energy. 


"The Sumida Hokusai Museum" will open in Sumida-ku, Tokyo in 2015. You could enjoy his world fully there. 


The Sumida Hokusai Museum


葛飾北斎は、森羅万象を描いた日本人画家。彼は、彼の生涯において3万点以上の作品を発表した。彼の繊細でダイナミックな画風は、誰も真似ができない。今でも彼の作品たち(艶やかな浮世絵、生命感あふれる風景画など)は、我々に力強いエネルギーを与え続けている。2015年に、東京都墨田区に「The Sumida Hokusai Museum」がオープンする。あなたはそこで彼の世界を存分に楽しめるだろう。




Matsuyama Art Museum


The great art museum in very quiet woods is located in Chiba Sosa. The art museum has Ganda(s) (sculpture made from scrap irons), and the pictures drawn by various techniques. 


This is the artist's Mikuo Konoki house & atelier. You can enjoy various arts, loving the green of a Japanese garden here. And lovely cats with their smiling face will greet you. 


His works with which it is full of a feeling of vitality will give you much energy and relaxation. 


Museum Hours

10:00 - 17:00

(On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and a public holiday)


Matsuyama Art Museum



Matsuyama Art Museum 松山庭園美術館