Seiji Fujishiro's shadow picture


Seiji Fujishiro is a great Japanese shadow picture artist. His work is very colorful and shines gracefully. 


It has beautiful gradation just like the fantasy of light. The precise cutting is carefully performed over many hours using a razor. 


You can fully enjoy the wonderful shadow picture works lively in Nasu-Kogen or Shosenkyo. And there is works of Tohoku district revival prayer in his art museum of Nasu-Kogen. 




藤城清治美術館 那須高原

影絵の森美術館 昇仙峡

Aokigahara in Mt. Fuji 青木ヶ原樹海

Aokigahara is woods of the primeval forest at the foot in Mt. Fuji. The woods are on lava and the root of trees has spread along the ground. Therefore, trees have taken the center of gravity, entwining a mutual root. 


This scenery is very elegant. Furthermore,  some wonderful caves are in the woods. 


You can enjoy the Aokigahara walking and spelunking by employing a local guide. 


Charm of Mt.Fuji

Fugaku cave

Narusawa ice cave

Guide tour of Aokigahara 


Charm of Mt.Fuji

Fugaku cave

Narusawa ice cave