The tub ship in Sado Island


The tub ship of Sado Island is a wooden small ship for fishing a top shell, an abalone, and wakame seaweed. 


The boat was devised by improving a laundry tub at the Edo period. It is rather difficult to row this boat. 


If you travel Niigata Sado Island, you will board this boat and will be able to do operation experience of the boat.  And peaceful and elegant scenery could be enjoyed from a boat. 


Tarai-bune (Tub boat) Rides


Tarai-bune (Tub boat) Rides たらい舟体験


Downtown Tanabata Star Festival


The Downtown Tanabata Star Festival of Asakusa will be held in July every year. In this festival, “the traditional culture (Awa-odori Dance, the Japanese drums performance, etc.) of Japan”and “the traditional culture (hula, a samba dance, etc.) in the world”can be enjoyed. 


Moreover, you write the wish to a strip of paper, and the strip of paper is fastened to bamboo grass, and is decorated there. In the strips of paper, prayer of global peace and revival prayer of the Tohoku district are also included. 


This festival is held from July 5 to the 10th this year. You can also participate in this elegant and gay festival. 


Downtown Tanabata Star Festival


Downtown Tanabata Star Festival 下町七夕まつり