Autumnal leaves with Mt. Fuji


The autumnal-leaves scene with Mt.Fuji is very wonderful in Japan during autumn. It has the greatest colors (blue skies, white snow, red and yellow leaves) in a year. 


Especially, the autumnal-leaves festival in Lake Kawaguchiko is really good. There, you can see the autumnal leaves with Mt.Fuji which was reflected in the lake in the daytime. Furthermore, you can enjoy the autumnal leaves illuminated with a light at night. It is very fascinating and elegant. 


If you will visit Kawaguchiko in November, you can walk along this fantastic autumnal-leaves corridor gracefully. 


Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival in 2013

2013 富士河口湖紅葉まつり(11/1~30)

Lake Kawaguchiko 河口湖エリア情報

The cherry trees in Iida (Minami-Shinshu)


Iida in Nagano has many beautiful cherry trees in nostalgic country town scenery. Many of the cherry trees make people's heart peaceful all the year round. Those many are more than age-of-a-tree 300 year. 


The cherry trees have watched many samurais' leaders and priests for a long time. 


If you come in the face of the cherry tree, you will keep standing, as the time stopped there. And you will be deeply impressed by a too much fascinating cherry tree. Such a trip can be enjoyed in Iida. 




Sakura in Minami-Shinshu

Trip to Iida

↓↓↓Scenery of the early autumn in Iida