Budou-no-oka in Katsunuma, Koshu

甲州市勝沼 「ぶどうの丘」

Katsunuma in Yamanashi is a place of production of Koshu wine. Koshu wine is the most famous Japanese white wine. Each taste of the white wine is wonderful. And there is the fresh taste in it, and it is peculiar, and delicious. 


"Bodou-no-oka" in Katsunuma has accommodations, a hot spring, and a great wine-cave(wine cellar). You can sample about 180 sorts of Japanese wine using a tastevin in the wine-cave (you need to purchase the tastevin for a sample). It is a place for enjoying Koshu wine freely (but, it is not a place which can carry out wine tasting exactly). 


If you visit "Bodou-no-oka", you can enjoy delicious wine and meal with a beautiful night view. You could know how to enjoy Japanese wine here. 




Budou-no-oka 甲州市勝沼ぶどうの丘

The Japanese garden in Narita


The Naritasan Shinshoji temple is a big temple near Narita Airport. The temple has a large and beautiful Japanese garden. 


The Buddhism thought "all the living thing is wonderfully valuable" is expressed by the garden. A pond, a waterfall, a calligraphy art museum, Suikinkutsu (water harp cave), etc. are there, and you can enjoy a walk leisurely there. 


If you depart from Narita Airport for a mother country, it will be good to enjoy peaceful Japanese culture here on the previous day.