Tradition lacquer ware of Kamakura

Kamakura-bori 鎌倉彫

The lacquer ware which the engraver makes has a soul. 


I want you to look at the lacquer ware with a charming shadow in a thin light. 


The Japanese lacquer of this lacquer ware does not separate for 100 years. 



Scooping goldfish in a temple festivel of Japan


In a summer festival of Japan, the children who wear the yukata do scooping goldfish. 


It is the play which scoops up a goldfish using the ladle made from thin paper. 


If you practice repeatedly, you will get the technique which scoops up a goldfish with this ladle. The process is very pleasant. 





↓↓↓A beautiful goldfish of Japan 

↓↓↓The technique which scoops up a goldfish