A Japanese puzzle box, "Himitsu Bako"

箱根寄木細工 秘密箱

This puzzle box "HIMITUS-BAKO" was born by the woodworker's wonderful wisdom and playfulness. 


There is also a puzzle box from which piece must be moved 100 times or more in the right turn by the time it opens a box. 


If you visit Hakone, you can challenge this exciting puzzle box. 


How to open this box is here! ↓↓↓

Japanese cut glass “Edo Kiriko”


"Edo Kiriko" is the Japanese cut glass in which peculiar patterns (a chrysanthemum and hemp, bamboo grass, etc.) were drawn on the base in the cut glass technology of Europe. 


A certain craftsman masters 500 or more cut glass tools. Moreover, he makes the cut glass of a complicated design using a motion of a delicate finger, hearing cutting-sound carefully. 


If sunlight or an electric light illuminate "Edo Kiriko", it will shine very fascinatingly.